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SV (Solenoid Valve)


Domestic RO based water system uses water (Solenoid valve) to control feed and in membrane flushing. Due to lower inlet pressure, pilot operated valves cannot give adequate flow. We recommend that membranes are flushed regularly to maintain system performance and membrane life. These flush solenoids perform that process seamlessly and automatically .All type of Volts will be available 24v 36v 48v and we are giving this with pure copper winding

UV Set


In U V (Ultraviolet ray's) the germs and micro organisms will be destroyed with the help of UV rays after the RO stage and delivering a completely pure water



A flow restrictor will create back pressure on the membrane and allow the membrane to produce purified water to be delivered to the pond, aquarium or water tank. Flow restrictors are sized to match the flow with the size of the membrane. Available in all 300,420,450,550.



1/4" Pipe / Tube to be used in RO / UV Water Purifier
Pipe/tube is mainly used for pure water machine, water purifiers, water treatment equipment such as pipeline machine pipe connection specification
Size : 1/4 and 3/8
Color : White & Blue

Bulk heads


Bulk Heads are uses in RO system at RAW water and Rejected water. With these nuts the water will flow in and after purification, purified water will go in tank and rejected water will come out.

Inlet wall


Stainless Steel Inlet + Valve/Connector RO/UV/Water Filter Purifier Complete set Stainless Steel make

Used for Connection of RO / UV Water Purifiers with raw water



All type of L bow’s ¼ ,1/8,3/8-1/4,¼-1/4,¼-3/8, T, threaded and push fit will be available



PHILIPS UV Lamp which uses in UV chamber to generate ultra rays and helps in clearing micro organisms. Available in best prize.



TDS meter is used to check TDS in Raw water and Purified water.

TDS adjuster


TDS adjuster: we can adjust our TDS with this as per our RAW water.


AQ&Q,BNQS,K-FLOW,R-FLOW We are a renowned name in RO pump Presenting the Pump that would Double the life of your Membrane.

1. Nominal Flow Rate: 1.0 LPM
2. Max. Pump Output: More than 110 PSI
3. Max. Inlet Pressure: 60 PSI
4. Voltage: 24V To 48V DC
5. Approximately Pump Life : 30-36 months.

Available for all types of RO systems and Specific brands like AQ&Q, BNQS, K-FLOW, R-FLOW etc


C clamp X clamps in different size will be available


SMPS and adopters are available. Compare with adopter SMPS will have a power indication LED light. It is easy to check the SMPS weather its working are not.


There are types of housings like Membrane housing, Extra filter housing, 10” 20” blue housing. Single oring double oring.


10" Reverse Osmosis inline Set.
A must to keep your reverse osmosis membranes in top condition.
Works with any standard 10 inch
Contains 3 RO filters - 1 Sediment filter + 2 Carbon filter

Service life:3-12 months (20 L per day)
Service flow rate: 1 GPM (3.78 LPM)
Max. Pressure :125 PSI
Max. Temperature: 113F (45 C)


This addition will allow you to filter your tap water without having to be there to shut the system off as soon as your filtered water reservoir is full. The float valve will *automate this step for you.

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